Service List

Engineering Design

We offer a broad range of design and consulting services for new construction and existing structures, including building expansion, alteration, and change in use/code upgrades. We also specialize in residential, commercial, and industrial engineering.

Engineering Design

Site Investigations

We provide a professional opinion, perform limited site investigations and consultations. This service also includes brief recommendations for possible solutions or scoping of the overall magnitude of a problem in order to assess the extent of further engineering.

Condition Assessments

We provide an evaluation report for any change in use, alteration or addition to any existing structure. The report is written to assess an existing building as part of a proposed improvement and to evaluate potential impact on the building. Our services include a field survey to document the existing condition, a review of existing plans when available, a narrative describing the engineering systems, an identification of problems with recommended solutions, and potential construction budgets.


Construction Contract Administration

Our professional services rendered during the construction phase of a project to verify work is proceeding in conformance with design plans and specifications.
Services typically include periodic site visits to observe construction progress, reviewing shop drawings and submittals, reviewing payment applications and claims, and conducting a final inspection of the completed work.

Construction Support Services

MJ Engineering designed and developed scaffolding and shoring system for multi high riser buildings. MJ Engineering faced challenged construction projects providing shorings for multi floors due to need of the high end of the architectural design


Foundation design

MJ Engineering and Design provide full design and analysis for variety types of building foundations, including pile design, pile caps, Mat slab, Spread footings ..


MJ Engineering provide Architectural and Engineering evaluation to the existing condition, design and develop full design plans to restore the existing condition and improve the integrity of the building, also MJE&D provide supervision and management during the construction phase

Special Inspection Agency

We are a NYC-registered Special Agency Class 1, ICC-certified for Structural Steel Erection, Bolting and Welding, MJ Engineering provided special inspection services for multi projects, high riser and mid riser buildings for all required special inspection items


MJ Engineering and design has the experts professional engineer, to investigate the conditions, designs and provide full underpinning sequencing and details for the proposed underpinning. MJ Engineering provided underpinning for the many existing buildings.

Structure Demolition

MJ Engineering and design has the experts professional engineer, to survey existing buildings, develop and provide demolition plans sequencing including safety zones and procedures. Also MJ Engineering conducts special inspections during the demolition phases to insure the safety and structural stability of the adjacent structures 

Formwork Design

MJ Engineering is capable to develop and provide shoring formwork, re-shoring, cocoon system, Tie off system, construction platforms a, vertical netting and horizontal netting 



MJ Engineering engaged in most challenged high risers towers in the NYC metropolitan area
MJ Engineering designed and developed high shoring scaffolding and stack system to support 7 floors of concrete slabs to meet the requirements of the high end architectural design

Protection System

MJ Engineering & Design engaged to design and develop and obtain the approvals for the cocoon system, protection system of the high risers in NYC area. MJ Engineering designed the Cocoon system using hydrophilic system, jumping system and fixed system, also cocoon system many manufacturer-ed by many formwork system PERI,DOKA,EDC……..

Support Of Excavation

MJ Engineering & Design engaged to design and develop deep support of excavation using soldier piles and lagging, tie back system, sheeting and shoring, waler and rakers ….